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We complete a full health history and assessment of the lower leg and foot 

Nail Care

Cutting, filling, reducing thick nails and callus.  Management of corns and ingrown toenails.

Diabetic Foot Care

Neuropathy, footwear, and skin assessments.  Diabetic education and monitoring 


Ongoing assessment and collaboration to promote mobility through a healthy foot and lower leg.


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Kingston/ Greenwood Clinic

In Home or Facility Visits

Bear River Monthly Clinic Days

 Shift Orthotics and Footwear Clinic.  

525 Main Street, 

Kingston, Nova Scotia 

 We have a lovely, private, clean clinic space and can book appointments Tuesday through Saturday.

Call 902-840-0679 to book

If you are unable to come to us, we can come to you!

We offer in home or care facility foot care appointments. 

Call 902-840-0679 to arrange an appointment. 

Bear River & Area Community Health Clinic.

1112 River Road, 

Bear River, Nova Scotia 

We offer a monthly foot care clinic.  

Call 902-840-0679 to inquire. 

Call 902-840-0679 To Book An Appointment

Who is Boots On The Ground?

Boots On The Ground Foot Care and Nursing Service is Veteran owned and operated by Ann Gaudet LPN.

Ann has been an emergency room nurse for the last eight years and a paramedic for ten years before that.  

Ann served in the Canadian Armed Forces, where she was diagnosed with PTSD.  Ann went public as a person with lived experience in 1998 and so began her role as Veterans advocate and mental health educator.

Ann teaches Trauma Informed Leadership, Professional Practice and brings trauma informed care to her nursing practice.  Inclusion and diversity are important to her.  Ann is passionate about helping people understand how trauma impacts all areas life.  Ann speaks with groups and organizations about her journey with PTSD and offers educational workshops for organizations to be more trauma informed. 

Ann is passionate about helping people stay mobile and achieving their goals for health and well being. 

Ann has recently presented as a panelist with McMaster University’s Restoring Hearts and Minds Symposium. 

Ann was awarded the Bell Let’s Keep Talking Award Outstanding Caregiver for 2022.  

Ann is available to speak to your organization or group about trauma informed care, developing a trauma informed practice, her journey with PTSD, health or foot care education.  


Trauma Education Workshops

Let’s Talk

This workshop is about how to create a physical and emotional safe space to have a dialogue.  

In this workshop you will gain a trauma informed view into the stigma associated with a navigating the world with mental health label.  This workshop will teach you to ask trauma informed questions,  create safe environments for conversation, understanding and how to use trauma informed  language. 

In this workshop Ann helps participants to learn to create safe spaces that encourage dialogue and meaningful safe interactions, wether with a family member, customer or client. 

Trauma Informed Practice

This workshop is designed for business, organizations, health care professionals.  In this full day workshop participants learn to create safe spaces, learn basic grounding techniques, participate in group discussions with people with lived experiences.  The goal of this workshop is to come away with a clear understanding of what trauma informed care is, how to put simple and easy practices in place to allow clients to feel heard and seen without being triggered.  This will empower your organization leading to increased client satisfaction and less employee stress and burnout. 


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